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Heather Bishop: Discography

Partial Discography*

Artist (Title/Producer)

D.R.U.M. (Africannexus/D.R.U.M & Ben Blank)
Mark MacMinn (Hot World/MM & Scrappy)
Echoset (Mile Marker 4)
Pale (Here/Pale and Lars Gorensson)
Blue Cartoon (September Songs)
Pocket Fishrmen (Orgy of Rock and Roll)
Triggerfish (Southern Hospitality)
Killing Ophelia (Killing Ophelia demo/Yoggie Musgrove)
2 A.M. Blue (Attic Rooms/HB & Lasse Savola)
Heather Bishop (Graceful Riot at the 710)
Heather Bishop (Trains and Revolutions/HB & Cris Burns)
Heather Bishop (Equilibrium/ HB & Yoggie Musgrove)

*little of Heather's studio work since 1994 is publicly credited. If you listen closely, however, you'll hear her strings, vocals, and percussion work on regional releases by Texas artists from Folk and Americana to Metal and Punk Rock, Reggae and more.

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