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Heather Bishop: Photos

Miss Match (Fronterafest 2012)
Carl Robinson Photography. HB performs "Carolina Blues" with Jay Warren on drums
Luna Guitars. Photo credit: Tim Hertzog
Photo Credit: PicsintheMix
Photo by Richard Mason
Photo Credit: Adam Tincher
Photo Credit: PicsInTheMix
Photo Credit: MK Johnson
Excerpt from an art series by Jodie Copelin
Flipnotics with Kevin McCarthy/Paul Rutherford
Killing Ophelia, circa 1996

Posters, CD and Book Covers

Heather joined Old Gray Mule and Cedric Burnside as a Special Guest
online release May 2011
art by
art by
art by M.Humphrey
art by
Austin Chronicle circa 1996

More Cowbell

Lucky Lounge 2010
Lucky Lounge 2010
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