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With all in-person performances cancelled effective March 2020, artist donations are appreciated.

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Livestream Live Album

(2020) A benefit album for Hole In The Wall & the band recorded live 

Quarantine Blues


(2020) An upbeat blues single recorded in the early days of 2020 shelter in place



What's Your Favorite Dinosaur?


(2019) What's YOUR Favorite Dinosaur?

Dime To A Dollar (Live At ONE2ONE)

(2017) A live fan recorded All-Star set 

Bound For New Orleans

(2018) A holiday release 



(2015) Where speechless meets spoken word meets rock

Trains & Revolutions


Graceful Riot at the 710

(2000) Recorded live at Room 710 in Austin, Texas featuring Heather with Barry "Frosty" Smith on percussion.